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A Little Book of Craftivism: an interview with Sarah Corbett

Craftivist Sarah Corbett explains why 'a spoonful of craft helps the activism go down' in this pocket sized book: perfect for inspiring the activist crafter in your life.

Written by Amelia Gregory

A Little Book of Craftivism Book Cover

For those not in the know can you summarise what Craftivism is about in a few sentences?
Very simply, craftivism is activism that uses craft as the medium to get the message out! Betsy Greer coined the term in 2003, and she defines it as “a way of looking at life where voicing opinions through creativity makes your voice stronger, your compassion deeper and your quest for justice more infinite.” But it’s not a new concept & there are lots of different approaches around. My approach to craftivism in the Craftivist Collective is as form of ‘slow activism’, a reflective action which changes the participant as much as it does the world. Our craftivism aims to be  passionate but polite, provocative but patient, drawing people to engage in discussion and debate rather than forcing it down people’s throat. Unlike some of the more traditional, extrovert forms of activism, craftivism is quietly beautiful, it is individual and it is effective.

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