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An interview with artist and illustrator Pete Fowler

The hugely talented yet humble artist talks about the inspiration behind Hot Chip’s window display for Selfridges’ 'Sounds of the Mind' project

Written by Kat Phan

Hot Chip - I Feel Better (close up)

Two soft-bodied beasts wearing headphones hold onto each other tightly as sinister robotic-looking owls swoop over them. Two creatures - which look like giant armadillos with razor sharp fangs and claws - peer at the two lost souls with sleepy but watchful eyes. This fantastical world illuminated with shades of deep blues and pinks instills in them fear but their ipod drowns out the eerie sound of their surroundings; they have each other and that’s all that matters…

Hot Chip - I Feel Better

This is Pete Fowler’s wonderfully quirky window display currently exhibiting at Selfridges, generic inspired by Hot Chip’s recent hit single ‘I Feel Better’. Fowler’s installation is one of ten window designs for a show… read more

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