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KTZ: London Fashion Week A/W 2012 Catwalk Review

My favourites - KTZ - made an impact on the last day of womenswear shows at Somerset House on Tuesday 21 February. This season: New Romantics, religious symbols, stars and constellations and tartan. LOTS of tartan.

Written by Matt Bramford

KTZ A/W 2012 by Lorna Leigh Harrington

Regular readers of my London Fashion Week reviews (Hi mum, sorry I haven't called, been busy) will know that I absolutely adore KTZ. If I could only choose one show to see each season it would probably be this - so it was disappointing that both myself and Amelia hadn't received any tickets this time. The show had been moved from its regular spot on menswear day to fit in with the womenswear schedule - a move not so surprising considering the KTZ womenswear is usually what gets people talking. This also might explain the lack of tickets - but it was thanks to fashion superhero Lida over at The First To Know that I managed to get in.

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