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Fashion designer Flik Hall works with illustrators Charlotte Hoyle and Rebecca Strickson for A/W 2011

Fashion designer Flik Hall describes the process of creating her A/W 2011 collection The Ghost in the Machine, and how Amelia's Magazine contributors have helped her create some inspiring promotional illustrations.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Flick Hall AW 2011 by Charlotte Hoyle
Flick Hall AW 2011 by Charlotte Hoyle.

When I was shown Flik Hall's new A/W 2011 collection The Ghost in the Machine at Blow PR the other day I was so happy to discover that she has commissioned two regular contributors from Amelia's Magazine to create some wonderful promotional fashion illustrations. Featuring dramatic shapes in unusual materials and some intriguing prints, drugs here's what Flik Hall has to say about her creative process, and her decision to work with illustrators.

Tell me about your new A/W 2011 Ghost in the Machine collection in five words:
Distinctive, Other worldly, Sharp, Robotic, Conscious.

Flick Hall AW 2011 by Rebecca Strickson
Flick Hall AW 2011 by Rebecca… read more

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