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Sheffield Doc/Fest 2013 Review: Nine New Documentaries To Watch

Don't miss this summer's hottest documentary films - all the ones to watch, including clips and trailers. Discovered at the Sheffield Doc/Fest 2013.

Written by Sonja Todd

Pussy Riot by Linus Nystrom
Pussy Riot in prayer position. Illustration by Linus Nystrom.

Don't miss this summer's hottest documentary films. Here's our pick as seen at Sheffield Doc/Fest, including all the trailers.

Fuck For Forest
Gives direct action a whole new meaning

How far would you go to save the planet? Fuck For Forest is a green non-profit which raises money online through home-made blue movies and photos. The content can only be seen by participation or donation. So far, so hippy porn site. But as you find out why the group do it, and how they're handling the money, the film becomes eye-opening in unexpected ways. Watch to challenge your ideas of charity, pornography, the body, and how we find our place in the world.
Available for download now, on DVD from 17th June
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