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Illustrated Interview between Kate Nash and Rebekah Roy

At the first ever Industry networking event, Kate Nash is interviewed by her stylist Rebekah Roy. This illustrated version of the event features the talents of Claire Kearns, Avril Kelly, Sumi Senthi and Sandra Contreras

Written by Florence Massey

Kate Nash by Avril Kelly

I’m not sure how many of you are (or should I say were) familiar with the Fashion Business Club, sildenafil but for those who aren't, sales the FBC acted as London’s member’s only fashion networking event group. Headed up by Courtney Blackman and Alison Whelan, it boasted a growing membership within the fashion community, interviews with likes of Laura Bailey and Sarah Curran and a partnership with Due to it's impressive success over the last five years, they have now rebranded…meet The Industry.

Kate Nash by Claire Kearns

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