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The Irrepressibles and Gabby Young & Other Animals, Live Review at the Barbican

A riotously theatrical show in London by these two creative and dramatic acts

Written by Helen Martin

GYandotheranimals2 Kayleigh Bluck
Illustration by Kayleigh Bluck

She strutted on stage, knees rising high and her umbrella twiddling like a fairy’s shield.I wanted to take in the art work that was Gabby Young. For her outfit was an explosion of neck and hemline pomposity, her boots electric blue and stomping, and her right eye was surrounded by a blossoming flower type creation. Her signature vibrant red hair was piled high with blue and pink buns attached, whilst her face looked as beautiful as a doll’s.

GYandotheranimals1 KayleighBluck
Illustration by Kayleigh Bluck

With this visual feast I felt revived from the previous evening’s late night antics at the ACOFI launch party (where read more

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