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Carve Every Word: An interview with Best Girl Athlete

Fifteen year old Katie Buchan talks to us about her outstanding debut release Carve Every Word, what it’s like collaborating with her Pops and her other dream of studying Astrophysics…

Written by Gemma Dietrich

Best Girl Athlete Cover
Katie Buchan is the Aberdeen based voice behind new talent Best Girl Athlete, delivering indie pop to your ears in one of the finest packages. It is kind of irrelevant that she is fifteen. Her record speaks for itself. If anything her age just makes you more excited about what in God’s name she will produce in the future as life brings her more experience and knowledge. Carve Every Word, released on Fitlike Records, is her debut and she’s nailed it. Layered over delicate guitar pickings and piano arrangements, Katie’s vocals are dreamy and effortless yet nonetheless powerful as she’s infused them with so much emotion. She’s clearly connected to her music, which is exactly what separates the good artists from the exceptional. Her record is radiant and playful but tender and honest too. She’s singing straight at your heart with words every living soul can relate to.

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