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An interview with fashion designer James Hock

We have a chat with the fashion designer about his latest collection Kpixoos Kaabos for A/W 2011 and find out what kind of woman wears James Hock…

Written by Kate Ingram

James Hock A/W 2011, viagra illustrated by Jaqueline Kishi

For some time, James Hock has been on our radar as an extraordinary, rising talent. Finally, we got the chance to speak to the fashion designer about his audacious collections, inspirations and Lady Gaga.

James, you recently exhibited your fourth collection for A/W 2011 at London Fashion Week (your third was visited by Amelia). How was that?
Yes I did. Becc from Bloody Gray PR was there to look after everything so I didn’t have to be there every day. But the feedback to the collection has been great. Very exciting.

This collection is entitled ‘Kpixoos Kaabos’. What’s the story?
It’s loosely… read more

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