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Introducing Charlotte OC: Colour My Heart

New singer songwriter Charlotte OC is set to win your heart with a beguiling sound described as 'spooky gospel.' Here she talks about the inspiration behind new single Colour My Heart.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Charlotte O'C illustration by Sally Cotterill

Charlotte OC by Sally Cotterill.

New singer songwriter Charlotte OC has created a bewitching and unique 'spooky gospel sound' which combines darkness and beauty. Her latest track, Colour My Heart, was inspired by the sounds of Berlin and moving to London after spending the first part of her life in a small town in the north. Charlotte explains: 'Lyrically, the song is about a bad romance. I've also been writing about the same two relationships for a long time (one of which isn't my own).' The idea behind the creation of the Colour My Heart video was simply to translate the feelings of one single moment. 'By the end of the video, the light comes through and everything makes sense again.'


The video was made in a little studio in East london, directed by Roman Rappack and Johnny Blueeyes. 'The moment I put the black dots under my eyes, I was in the mind set of when I first wrote Colour my Heart' says Charlotte.… read more

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