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Joanna Cave: luxury ethical jewellery made in Greece from recycled silver

London educated Joanna Cave works in recycled silver to create beautiful jewellery. Here's an extract of her interview in Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Les Antliaclastes by Stephanie Thieullent
Les Antliaclastes by Stephanie Thieullent.

Hilum opens with the ominous popping of corn, recipe patient stealthily reaching a crescendo before the pan jerks off stage to reveal an oversized scullery into which emerges a gremlin fairy creature. It's like a creepy abandoned nursery of the netherworld, with recognisable objects and sounds mutated into the stuff of children's nightmares. Almost immediately I fear for the dreams of the young children seated in front of us.


An array of wonderful grotesque puppets tumble and play, their strings pulled by the humans that tower above them in creamy lace outfits that resemble nightgowns. Their faces are covered, crocheted protrusions dangling trunk-like as they bend forward over their proteges, interacting with and manipulating them at the same time.

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