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Kotki Dwa, Still Corners and Twin Sister at the Lexington: Live Review

Amelia’s Magazine favourites Kotki Dwa share the bill with the up-and-coming Still Corners and latest US indie darlings Twin Sister at the Lexington on Thursday 25th November 2010.

Written by Richard Pearmain

Since the first protest over two weeks ago -to use a slightly naff cliche- there has been something in the air; occupation, troche malady occupation, buy occupation! Across Britain students have left the streets and occupied their university halls in protest against the outcome of Lord Browne's report: tuition fees to rise, the abolishment of EMA's and the suggested removal of the state funding received by Universities to aid their research and teaching. At the beginning, in the face of the Coalition's seemingly never ending barrage of cuts, there have been the inevitable attempts to label the student protests as self indulgent, (though what is self indulgent about fighting to preserve access to higher education for all in perpetuity?!) I was disappointed to see this article from Polly Toynbee, personally we should avoid turning the terrifying breadth and width of the cuts into a hierarchical system of which are more deserving to be saved. Yet the students are proving their opposers wrong, one of the demands of the UCLOccupation is for everyone who works in the university to be paid the London Living Wage, which is to be two pounds higher than the minimum wage. The inclusion of this demand has lead to increased support from Toynbee,… read more

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