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Corporations on Trial

Written by Marta Puigdemasa

Corporations on Trial” is a special five-part series that charts the lawsuits being brought against multi-national corporations.

Illustrations by Krishna Malla

What happened last Thursday during what was supposed to be the screening of “Corporations on Trial” human rights short films, was quite weird and really rather primitive. We saw almost nothing, as the projector's remote control didn't work. Luckily, all the documentaries, being part of “People and Power” programme from Aljazeera TV channel, are available on their website. I'm sure you're wondering why nobody could solve that small problem. Wasn't there a manual control panel to switch on the projector? If there was, they didn't find it. This is not a joke just to make this text more amusing, I swear. I know it's hard to believe; we are in the twenty-first Century after all! But maybe something was hidden behind the remote control's excuse. Perhaps the security guard of the SOAS building (where the screening was held) was the nephew of some oil company fat cat and the showing was sabotaged on purpose? Ok, that might just be my… read more

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