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Peter Jensen

Fashion Designer, London

Written by Melodie Ash

Manchester's never been quite the same for me since the first day I ever saw Kid Carpet, side effects buy information pills AKA Ed Patrick, at the Academy some 4, 5 years ago. It was like losing your virginity. After a few sold out gigs more than a year ago, Manchester has been dry, an endless desert waiting for an oasis. The man hasn't been on the road for some time, having kids and what not so to arrive tonight to a crowd of about 15 was a massive shock to say the least. The supporting bands all had their family contingents, but they'd all scarpered before the real show began. Talk about gratitude. You'd think after being given the opportunity to support one of the most exciting artists of the last five years they'd at least stick around and show their support. Some people!


That said this in no means distracted him from putting on his regular and exuberant performance. In fact he seemed to enjoy the chance to get the few members of the crowd really involved in the set. He also got an opportunity to perform a bunch of stuff I hadn't heard before. He introduced a ditty… read more

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