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Free Range Art & Design Show 2013: Middlesex University Jewellery Review

Wonderful work from Middlesex jewellery graduates, as always. I predict great things, especially for Sabina Johal, Katrine Standahl and Emma Aitchison.

Written by Amelia Gregory

repurposed coloured pencils by Katrine Standahl
I was gutted to discover that the Middlesex University Jewellery degree course will close down when the current first years have passed through the system, for I always look forward to reviewing this show. No other jewellery degree showcases the same level of inventiveness and skills, so it's no wonder that Middlesex graduates permeate the whole of the UK craft industry. This year the students displayed their wares under bright spot lighting on unforgiving scaffolding sets, but I did my best to take flattering photos. Here are my favourites from the Un-Earthed show.

Free Range shows 2013-katrine standahl
These rings and bracelet by Katrine Standahl are made out of repurposed coloured pencils. She works by bonding together different materials such as wood, cork and metals,… read more

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