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Until that day I love you anyway: drawings and writing by Harry Malt

Harry Malt’s exhibition, ‘Until that day I love you anyway: Tales from the bus stop’, fires up the imagination. This ‘monument to discovery, romance, ambition or lack of all three’ is showing now at the Print House Gallery in Dalston.

Written by Jessica Furseth

The brutality of boredom

Harry Malt requires a little suspension of disbelief, I think is the right way to put it. The artwork gracing the walls of the Print House Gallery right now is almost naïve in style, drawn in coloured pencils on rough sheets of paper. There’s a pair of pants next to a cigarette butt and a porn mag, a scooter, a helmet, stuff like that. But then you read the picture titles, and the image in front of you takes on a whole new dimension. ‘Fruit of a summer hedge romance’, is the title of the pants, butt and magazine drawing. ’86 miles per gallon + girlfriend (kudos)’ is the scooter. Then the helmet: ‘On robbing the local post office wearing your own crash helmet’. … See?

Left: 86 miles per gallon + girlfriend (kudos) / Right: Fruit of summer hedge romance

The effect is a feeling that the drawings are somehow more than the sums of their parts. There’s an itch about it too, like you’re on to something but you can’t put… read more

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