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Live Review: Smoke Fairies and Sea of Bees at The Fleece, Bristol

Smoke Fairies are all ethereal, moody blues/folk, whilst Californian, Sea of Bees' sound is sweet and wistful. A mighty mid-week treat to see them both play on one blustery night in February.

Written by Helen Martin

Smokefairies Illustration
Smoke Fairies Illustration by Alice Potter

The violinist comes on stage. He’s very tall and his tailcoat, ask wide tie and long hair and mostasche are how I consider a more genteel England might be attired. He looks considerate and pensive in a poetic sense. The rest of the band come on stage. Then the two female singers who are Smoke Fairies quietly take their places at the front. They appear a little bashful, malady but they have determined stares as they attach their instruments and look out to the audience. Their small frowns and concentrated expressions make them appear like they have been thrust on stage and are finding themselves dazed by the lights. Starstruck by their situation. But also it feels like reassurance; the two, click dressed in black mini dresses, are focused and aware that they behold the potential to have an audience in the palm of their… read more

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