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An interview with ethical designer Charlie Boots

Charlie Boots is an ethical designer who keeps it sustainable but stylish, using re-claimed materials (from cloth to zips) and producing unique reversible items in her quest to banish fast fashion…

Written by Lauren Smith

Illustration by Jenny Costello

Charlie Boots’ hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces, made from reclaimed and vintage fabrics, are an antidote to fast fashion and the over-hyped high street. And they’re reversible! I had a chat with Charlie about staying sustainable (but stylish), her love of vintage and fashion’s green credentials…

How did you end up as an ethical clothing designer – had you always planned to go down the ethical route?
I became a fashion designer at the age of 28, after wanting to do it since I was 10! I lived in Bangkok in my early twenties and would take my designs to the tailors to be made. This could be hugely frustrating, as a person’s interpretation of a design often does not match the idea (not to mention the language barrier). I realised I needed to learn to pattern cut myself, and so then went on to do a fashion degree at Bath Spa University. It was here that I started looking into ethical fashion, and once I understand the enormous negative impact of this industry on so many people,… read more

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Vintage at Goodwood Review, by vintage enthusiast and fashion blogger Maria Domican

Fashion blogger Maria Domican talks us through her experience of the now infamous Vintage at Goodwood - including some pretty fabulous streetstyle pics. What did she make of it all? Read on to find out…

Written by Maria Domican

All photography by Maria Domican I was nervous upon arriving at Vintage at Goodwood… Nervous because I had called in sick to work, nervous because I had been hearing bad […]

Vintage at Goodwood: Festival Review

So, how did Vintage at Goodwood measure up to the hype? Was it, as feared, just a glorified "vintage" shopping experience? On Saturday I went down to check out the festival for myself. This is what I thought.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Dahling by Abigail Nottingham. “We’re building great cafes and restaurants on the Vintage High St, where you will even find a Waitrose.” So said the flyer that I picked up […]

Vintage at Goodwood: Festival Preview

Are you going to Vintage at Goodwood? We're not. Here's why. Here's how not to run a brand new festival. And what does Vintage really mean anyway?

Written by Amelia Gregory

Vintage at Goodwood by Natasha Thompson. I must admit, I’ve had my reservations from the start. Right from the moment when they wheeled out that universally irritating celebrity known as […]

An interview with Bobbin Bicycles.

Tom Morris, co-founder of Bobbin Bicycles, talks to me about Pashleys, the Tweed Run, their new bespoke repair shop, designer collaborations and why you shouldn't give up cycling for winter.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Bobbin Bicycles by Natasha Thompson. I first heard of Bobbin Bicycles just over three years ago, when as a nascent bespoke bike company they contacted me to suggest featuring some […]

An interview with Think Act Vote

Amelia's Magazine talks to Think Act Vote about their Photobooths and their plans for Vintage at Goodwood this weekend...

Written by Sally Mumby-Croft

Photograph by Vanya Sacha Prior to the General Election, Amelia’s Magazine interviewed Amisha Ghadiali about her new project Think Act Vote. As the dust settles on the birth of the […]