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Illustrators take on Eyjafjallajokul, the naughty volcano.

Illustrators Abigail Daker, Aniela Murphy and Jamie Mills talk about the appeal of volcanoes...

Written by Amelia Gregory

Eyjafjallajokul by Simon Wild.

When I first put a callout to illustrators to come up with some lovely pictures to illustrate the explosion of Eyjafjallajokul we were still in the first throes of it's ashy grip. But then the illustrations arrived, order our air space was opened up again and Eyjafjallajokul miraculously disappeared from the news. Somehow, information pills though, I knew that wouldn't be for long - I mean, it's not like volcanoes just shut up and go away is it? Eyjafjallajokul has continued to quietly rumble away there for awhile - getting all lava-ey on our asses - before increased earthquake activity caused it to start erupting at full force again sometime yesterday. A large new plume of ash caused airspace over Ireland and… read more

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