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Lammas Low Impact Courses and Conferences

The pioneering sustainable self-build community takes its visitors back to the land in West Wales

Written by Amy Hughes

Lammas Low Impact Aurelia Lange
Illustration by Aurelia Lange

Wales – the land of soaring song, viagra turf-churning scrums and cunning cross-dressing rioters – is today at the forefront of sustainable, information pills ecological development. In 2009 the Welsh Assembly Government announced a national sustainable development scheme, buy One Wales: One Planet, which led last year to Technical Advice Note (TAN) 6: One Planet Development. The objective of the One Planet Development policy is truly laudable: for Wales to be using only its fair and sustainable share of the earth’s resources – which was measured in 2003 at… read more

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Ecological volunteering at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Planted slap-bang between The City and Canary Wharf is a haven of woodland calm and beauty, where you can do your bit for the environment and the local community…

Written by Adam Bollard

Volunteers: folks doing their bit on a Saturday Who’da thunk it? A site of natural beauty that is responsible for conservation and social projects galore in East London that I’ve […]


BTCV Green Gyms

Written by Zofia Walczak

My muscles are aching as I type, treatment my cheeks are glowing more than ever and I have a satisfied grin on my face…why?  I’ve spent half the day clearing woodland and […]