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Invisible Circus: No Dress Rehearsal – A Documentary by Naomi Smyth

An interview with the lady behind the camera, on the circus that occupies unused buildings around the city of Bristol and brings the community together through breathtaking artistic, sensory liberation! From small shows and squatting, to the enormous CarnyVille, and going 'legit'; the Invisible Circus are something else.

Written by Helen Martin

Gemma Milly-Invisible Circus
Illustration by Gemma Milly

I’m reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen at the moment. It’s a book about the train travelling circus, set in prohibition era America. The story flits from the 1930s to the present day. Whilst highlighting the protagonist’s age and the unavoidable changes to his body, mind and soul, it also mutters under its breath of the stark changes within the circus world. The book depicts the 'old' circus as full of hardship - pure blood, sweat and tears stuff. The modern circuses are seen as refined pieces of machinery, in a factory made of satin. Is the magic lost within this? A touch of the romanticism? The circus's underground beginnings would never have seen itself hovering pleasantly next to the Sherif's house, yet now they are as above board as the Queen... aren't they? I digress, the circus is glorious! Of course it is! BUT, there within the drama, a snatch of a risk, a missed heartbeat, a creative explosion, that's the kind of circus I want to see.

There is one circus, The Invisible Circus, who hold all and more of the magic that comes with the old and new; from the hard graft and… read more

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