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An interview with The Miserable Rich about their spooky new album Miss You In The Days

An interview with the spooktastic band The Miserable Rich... just the thing as Halloween approaches. Their new single On a Certain Night is out on October 24th 2011.

Written by Amelia Gregory

The Miserable Rich by Kathryn Corlett
The Miserable Rich by Kathryn Corlett.

Miss You in the Days is the new album from The Miserable Rich, a fabulous collection of songs inspired by ghosts, ghouls… and possession. In other words, the perfect musical accompaniment for Halloween and beyond. I got in touch with lead singer James De Malplaquet to find out what inspired this theatrical tour de force.

The Miserable Rich bed
Why do you think your music is referred to as Chamber Pop and is there anything else you would prefer to be called or that you use to describe yourselves better?
It would seem a little churlish to deny that there are both pop and chamber music elements to our music - but the term 'chamber pop' is just one consonant away from 'chamber pot' - a little too… read more

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