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Professor Brian Cox and his Wonders of the Solar System.

As this BBC2 series presented by Professor Brian Cox comes to an end, I ponder why this heart throb is so important to society. With collaborative illustrations by Abigail Daker and Lesley Barnes.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Professor Brian Cox - Wonders of Solar System
Illustration by Abigail Daker and Lesley Barnes.

This week I discovered the multifarious joys of Professor Brian Cox. I know I know, I'm a bit late with this one. But I don't watch TV so I had to find the time and space to watch iPlayer - a tough call around these busy parts.

And find that time I did, over the course of less than 24 hours. Yes siree, I watched the 5 episodes of the BBC series Wonders of the Solar System more or less back to back, stopping only to catch up on a bit of the old shut eye. I'd heard the hype of course, and I'd read all about his previous pop-tastic career supporting our wonderful Labour government get into power with that infamous D:REAM anthem of the 1997 elections (love the prescient Heironymous Bosch backdrop to read more

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