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An interview with illustrator Jesse Tise.

Pasadena based illustrator Jesse Tise imagines the most wonderful worlds inhabited by strange flora and fauna. Here he answers a Q&A, bringing a little of the colourful Californian art scene to our wintery shores...

Written by Amelia Gregory

David Downton is one of the most prolific living fashion illustrators, approved and by far my favourite (no offence, contributors!) His loose, visionary style seems so effortless and radiates elegance and beauty. Beginning his career as a commercial illustrator, it wasn't until he attended Paris couture shows over a decade ago that he really began to explore fashion illustration. Since then, he's created images of the world's most beautiful women and the its most groundbreaking fashion. From Dior to Dita Von Teese, he's captured the essence and spirit of women and fashion like no other image maker before him. His images are everywhere, in books, in magazines, on billboards, on the walls of illustration students' bedrooms and hell - even M&S tote bags.

This month sees the launch of Downton's first solo book - Masters of Fashion Illustration. Inside, it explores the work of the greatest fashion illustrators of the twentieth century as well as a good look at his own work. You're in for a treat here - page after page of lavish images celebrate the genre, featuring the greats of fashion illustration as well as looking at the influence of other artists and designers.

In the run up to the publication of Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration, I spoke to David about his illustrious career and the new book…

Hi David! I'm worried about asking all the questions you've been… read more

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