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Blood Red Shoes – Light It Up – Single Review

Blood Red Shoes, Light It Up

Written by Mark Cook


It has been a week or so since I last listened to this little number, prostate and it’s still getting an occasional play on Mark FM. Admittedly, viagra dosage I listened to it eight times in a row. And my girlfriend has been dahing, humming and singing it. High praise indeed.

The song has a melancholy that is reminiscent of the bleaker side of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and didn’t send me too far away from “Hang Me Up To Dry” by Cold War Kids. This is no bad thing.

Blood Red Shoes obviously know their way round a poetic device or two (the first line is “Got a feeling; it’s a fever; it’s a fire”), and aren’t afraid to submit themselves to an anthemic chorus (“Light! It! Up!”). Sadly, other lyrics get lost in the babble.

BRS have been compared to The White Stripes, which is fair considering they are a mixed double (Steven Ansell [drums] and Laura-May Carter [guitar]), but this song isn’t dripping in blues. Compared to their earlier stuff, this song registers more on the Chugg-o-Meter, and thus is more satisfying.

So, in the absence of a star-based rating system – or one involving beer bottles – I’ll end with this: I’m not sure whether this song will scuff many plimsolls, but it will help you wear in your work shoes.

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