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Q&A with Illustrator Natalia Nazimek

Fashion Illustrator, Natalia answers some of our questions to accompany some of her prettiest illustrations...

Written by Amica Lane

All images courtesy of the artist.

So can you tell me a bit about some of the projects you’ve been working on lately?
Most of my works on the website are a result of continuous recreational illustrating. Although I have been related to art for almost all my life, this I haven’t previously had a chance to learn how to use graphics software. I learnt it by trial and error, which took a little time! The first works were really simple, but now I pay more attention to details. It’s very important for me to go ahead, to continue a progress, especially when I stopped doing this for myself and started creating projects for other people. Lately I have been receiving comissions for my drawings, which is a nice surprise, as I didn’t expect people would like what I do. I hope to find more fans of my work.

What materials do you use when illustrating?

I create my works with Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw and generally, I use a photo as a base to create them. This work demands a lot of accuracy and patience, but it’s also a lot of fun. At the beginning of creating, a graphics software and a computer mouse were enough for me, but now I just can’t imagine working without a tablet, which lets me be more accurate in drawing. I pay the most attention to hair and clothes. I do my best to convey the style and character of a person I draw. I’m still gaining experience and learning new techniques.

What are you working on for the future, and where would you ideally like your illustrations to lead you?

I know for sure, that this is just the beginning of my adventure with illustrating. I want to experiment and improve my works constantly. Nowadays I work through a big series of graphics – at the moment, I can only say it’s going to be related with an interesting personalities. I have an idea of releasing a collection of t-shirts with printed designs and I am also going to continue making projects against order. My dream is to work in a big advertising agency, where I could confront new challenges. I hope I will make it, and I will always get a lot of pleasure out of illustrating.

What inspires your work?
My biggest inspiration are interesting people – especially from the world of music and fashion. I don’t have to look very far – there are so many websites and blogs around – I just go through them and when I find a picture of an entertaining person, I decide to draw them. I love beautiful, stylish girls, amazing outfits and floral ornaments. I often look at works of my idols, such as Stina Persson, Cecilia Carlstedt or Sara Singh. I love to illustrate people who are an important part of my life, that’s what I often draw my friends – they
are always there for me and support me in my passion.

Natalia’s blog can be found here along with her myspace

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