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Spank Rock – Live Review

Spank Rock, thrills Fabric

Written by Andy Devine


The first time I came to Fabric was because Soulwax were performing Nite Versions, cialis 40mg try an album which got plenty of play amongst my friends and I. This visit was reminiscent of that. Spank Rock’s album YoYoYoYoYo has been a favourite of my friends and I since it was released. I’ve lost count of the amount of times it’s been put on at parties. It has also been a great companion on journeys; our destination, more about Party Central.

Once in the club I checked to see when Spank Rock would take the stage, learning it was a short 45 minutes away we slowly made our way to the stage of Room 1 in order to get a perfect spot for viewing and dancing. The DJ was spinning tune after tune and the crowd are getting incredibly worked up. That’s when I spotted the door to the stage opening and a short man wearing a hoody stalk out and onto the stage.

After briefly conversing with the DJ the opening bars of Backyard Betty are heard and the crowd goes wild. Spank Rock prowls the front of the stage spitting verses at an impressive rate, occasionally leaning out into the crowd to high five one of the sea of hands which are reaching for him. He isn’t the most energetic performer I’ve seen but he has the crowd completely in his palm. I have to alternate between dancing, singing along to the words I know, and just watching him as he gracefully performs.

fabric (by Seb Barros)

You can tell he’s having a great time and he even says that he’s been on tour for a week and we’re the best crowd he’s played to so far. Something which is quite common to hear from a performer but it’s hard to imagine another audience going wilder. At this point he leaves the stage and the DJ carries on playing, keeping the crowd warmed up.

For one awful moment I thought that he wouldn’t come back out. I looked at my watch and it was only 25 minutes since he’d come on. It’s had been a sweet set but far too short, and he still hadn’t played my favourite song, Bump.

My worries are misplaced however as he soon comes back out to more rapturous applause. He plays a few songs which I don’t recognise but I still bop away to them before he finally launches into Bump. It’s a wonderfully smutty song which is normally interrupted by female singer Amanda Blank but here Spank Rock has to deliver that verse himself which he manages with aplomb. He stands on the stage for a few more moments soaking in the applause and catcalls and he looks almost as disappointed to be leaving as we are to see him leave.

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