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Welcome to the world of DIY Couture

Ever wanted to make your own clothes, but just don’t know where to start? Enter DIY Couture to answer all your burning desires

Written by Becky Cope

Not quite feeling in the festive mood yet?! We have put together a bit of a mix CD in blog styleee format just for you to get you feelin Christmasy! […]


Crimbo Playlist!!

Merry Christmas, Love From Amelia’s Magazine x

Written by Rebecca Milne

Workers Leaving Factory © Harun Farocki Harun Farocki is a strange sort of a person. Although he has been making films since 1967, website like this he is a fairly […]

New Young Pony Club – Live Review

A tetchy performance from the hype band, though this bodes well for their ability to progress their sound

Written by Laura Nineham

The latest in a series of events from Bad Idea Magazine, illness ‘Future Human’ explores a new topic each month and hosts an evening of discussion and debate at The […]

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