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A Review of The Pattern Sourcebook: A Century of Surface Design

This book was put together by designer Drusila Cole for Laurence King - the perfect sourcebook for designers and lovers of surface design.

Written by Amelia Gregory

PatternSource_jacket cover_drusilla_cole
The Pattern Sourcebook: A Century of Surface Design is a new mini edition of a recent larger volume, and includes the work of well known contemporary designers such as Eley Kishimoto, Angie Lewin and Ella Doran amongst those of unknown origin from decades past.

The Pattern Sourcebook_Spread_7
The Pattern Sourcebook_Spread_6
The Pattern Sourcebook_Spread_5
The author Drusilla Cole has also included her own work, which is heavily influenced by the minimalism of Japanese textile design. This mishmash approach stretches across 350 pages and provides a subjective snapshot of surface design as collected by one person. It will appeal to designers and aesthetes who prefer an unorthodox approach to finding inspiration, dipping in and out of years, locations and styles.

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The Pattern Sourcebook_Spread_1
The Pattern Sourcebook: A Century of Surface Design is published by Laurence King. It costs £12.95 and is available here.


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