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Prick Your Finger-Burro de Change
Burro de Change by Alex Czinczel at Prick Your Finger.

Prick Your Finger always host the most wonderful little exhibitions in their Globe Road yarn shop, ampoule and at the moment they have an animation inside a volcano courtesy of Alex Czinczel, viagra approved aka The Chinchilla. Burro de Change is a charming piece of work that features knitted donkeys and lots of… furniture. For now you can see it exclusively in their capacious window. I decided to find out what Burro de Change is all about, viagra 100mg and what else its creator has been up to.

Alex Czinczel Burro de Change volcano

Why a donkey?
44 years after Robert Bresson made Au Hasard Balthazar, it was clearly time to redress the balance of donkey cinema by making a film about a happy, carefree donkey. His only worry is how to find the perfect furniture. He is pretty lucky!

Prick Your Finger-Burro de Change

What’s it all about anyway?
Nothing really, just an inexplicable love of terrible puns. The installation Burro de Change is the third part of the Burro Trilogy. The film El Burro y Los Muebles is the first part. El Burro y Los Churros, which is announced at the end of the film, is the second part. The second part exists only as an idea, as it has been announced but not made. The idea is enough though, because we can all imagine exactly what happens. It is also all very much about this imaginary landscape which is inspired by Coconino County where Krazy Kat lives. Until very recently I thought George Herriman had made it up and I was almost disappointed to find out that Coconino County is real. It even has its own website. It tells you how to get a special event food permit, but makes no mention of George Herriman, the only person who ever had anything interesting to say about Coconino County. Life is much stranger than fiction.

Vladimir and Dragopov by Alex Czinczel

You seem to be a bit obsessed with furniture… where did this come from and why do you think this is?
A large unsightly piece of furniture fell on me and nearly killed me when I was three and a half years old, and ever since then… no, no, I’m lying. It comes from a road trip from London to Morocco: While travelling through Spain, I was constantly noticing signs for furniture shops, even in areas that appeared not to be inhabited by humans. I loved the absurdity of it and came up with the story of a donkey looking for furniture.

Two by Alex Czinczel

How do you make your creatures?
For the sewn creatures like the donkey, I start by designing a paper pattern, then sew it by hand in felt. Usually I have to adjust and change the pattern a few times until it looks right, which can take quite a long time. The knitted creatures are all done without a pattern, I usually start at the nose and then just increase, decrease and do short rows to get the 3D shaping. It’s much more fun that way than making a pattern, and it means if I do several creatures of the same kind they all look slightly different. For the big cat that’s in the film, I tried to knit everything but I couldn’t make the teeth look convincing so I had to crochet them in the end. 

Alex Czinczel at Prick Your Finger with a friend
Alex Czinczel at Prick Your Finger with a friend.

What next? What other ideas or projects are you currently working on?
I’m working on another animated film which will be shown in July as part of Kaleid Edition’s Art on Poetry season of exhibitions at the Saison Poetry Library in the Royal Festival Hall. I am also planning another donkey adventure. Who knows, maybe El Burro y los Churros will turn into a film after all.

Prick Your Finger-thimblesPrick Your Finger-threadsPrick Your Finger
More Prick Your Finger inspiration.

Why not visit Alex Czinczel‘s Burro de Change at Prick Your Finger for yourself? Amongst the knitted donkeys you will also find a fabulous selection of amazing wools, yarns, books, thimbles, spinning wheels…. and do say hello to the wonderful owners of this unique shop. Louise and Rachael are on hand to help with all your crafting needs.

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