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Announcing the 2015 Jerwood Painting Fellowships for Francesca Blomfield, Archie Franks and Dale Lewis

A short introduction to the winners of the 2015 Jerwood Painting Fellowships.

Written by Rachel Coombes

Francesca Blomfield, Master Copy
Francesca Blomfield, Master Copy, 2014,

Three London-based artists have recently been awarded Jerwood Painting Fellowships, courtesy of Jerwood Visual Arts, a programme which supports and showcases the work of talented artists. The new Fellows, Francesca Blomfield, Archie Franks and Dale Lewis will now be embarking on a year-long journey of support, building artist-to-artist relationships with their mentors, and will each receive £10,000 to help develop their practice. Over the year, Dan Coombs will work with Dale Lewis, Jane Harris will mentor Archie Franks, and Phoebe Unwin is paired with Francesca Blomfield.

Francesca Blomfield, Dan and Drew
Francesca Blomfield, Dan and Drew, 2013

Francesca Blomfield studied at Chelsea College of Art, and following her graduation in 2012, has been working on a number of collaborative events with organisations including STRYX in Brimingham, and the Pipe Factory in Glasgow. ‘In the past few years I have been working on various projects in my studio and feel it is the right time to reevaluate my progress and ideas within my practice up to this point in order to continue to develop. My current work focuses on symmetrical and repetitious visual patterns and internal rhythms which derive from objects and images of cultural or trivial speculation -particularly elusive subjects such as celebrities and new age phenomena, such as UFOs.’

Archie Franks, Posh Fish and Chips
Archie Franks, Posh Fish and Chips, 2014

Archie Franks, Pigeons Feeding
Archie Franks, Pigeons Feeding, 2015

Archie Franks graduated from the Royal Academy Schools with a Post Graduate Diploma in 2012, having received his BA from City & Guilds London Art School in 2009. ‘In my own work I’ve recently been exploring the tension between grandeur and the banal, specifically looking at baroque and rococo styles and applying them to everyday contemporary subject matter. Motifs typically include animals, food, and contemporary gadgets and appliances such as iPhones or fridges.’

Dale Lewis, My Funeral
Dale Lewis, My Funeral, 2015

Dale Lewis, Art Collector
Dale Lewis, Art Collector, 2015

Dale Lewis graduated with an MA in Fine Art from the University of Brighton, and also has a BA in Fashion and Textiles from London Guildhall University. He has worked as an art assistant for Science Ltd, producing works designed by Damien Hirst, and, more recently, for the artist Raqib Shaw. He is currently involved in the Turps Banana Painting programme. ‘Being part of the Turps Banana Painting programme I’ve experienced how a mentor/mentee relationship can intensify development. I have lived and suffered softly and I’m now in a prime time in my life to channel these experiences into my paintings. To carry on refining good paintings and honest paintings. The guidance I’ve had at Turps has really built my confidence hugely in a quiet, but not a cocky way.’


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