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Burton and South Derbyshire College: Photography Graduate Show 2011 Review

The best work from the Subject to Change exhibition by Burton and South Derbyshire students at Free Range came from Stephanie Gilbert and Hipstamatic fan Georgina Woolford.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Georgina Woolford reminiscing
Reminiscing by Georgina Woolford.

From Burton and South Derbyshire eleven photographers showed at Free Range as part of the Subject to Change exhibition.

Georgina Woolford hangerBurton and South Derbyshire photography graduate exhibition 2011 Georgina Woolford
Georgina Woolford is clearly a lady after my own heart, viagra 60mg for her degree show exhibition was all hipstamatic shots: the strongest of which was a candid shot of her elderly grandma, nurse which also inspired the name, malady Reminiscing. Of course documentary photos of this type play to the strengths of shooting with a hipstamatic – it’s much easier to catch people off guard in natural repose when they haven’t got a great big lens shoved up in their face. I’m no photography snob so I’m all for choosing a certain format depending on the occasion or subject matter. Follow Georgina Woolford on twitter here.

Stephanie Gilbert Family Affairs
Stephanie Gilbert family affairs toys
Burton and South Derbyshire photography graduate exhibition 2011 Stephanie Gilbert
I also liked a triptych shown by Stephanie Gilbert which showed some fairly mundane domestic scenes over the top of which there was overlaid some ominous creeping shadows, as if something not quite obvious was lurking just beyond reach in Family Affairs.


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