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Free Range Art & Design Show 2013: Week Four Photography Review – Ravensbourne, Nottingham Trent University, UCA Farnham & De Montfort University

The second part of my photography review (week four) at the Free Range Shows features yet more inspiring work from graduates.

Written by Amelia Gregory

'The Little Circus' super cute theatrical #photography of children by Hannah Coates at Ravensbourne
Here are the rest of my photography graduate discoveries, found upstairs at the Truman Brewery during week four at the Free Range Shows.

Another beautiful circus inspired photo by Hannah Coates
Hannah Coates at Ravensbourne was one of a Dozen. Her series, ‘The Little Circus‘ featured super cute photographs of children posed in theatrical stage sets. Her images are shot on Polaroid, which gives them a beautiful elegiac quality, and I can see this style being snapped up for editorial in magazines. Also, thanks to Hannah for being one of the only artists thus far to get in touch with me via twitter – all graduates should follow her example and keep an eye on social media to see if anyone is talking about them.

Free Range Shows Photography June 2013-Michael Anthony
Spectrum was the name given to the diverse photography showcase featuring Nottingham Trent University students – I just wish their strange website was better to navigate and showed more of the work: for example, I wanted to show a better example of these intriguing double self portraits ‘Taxa Homophile‘ by Michael Anthony but can find no decent images online.

Another innovative display- Sisters by Hayley Green
Sisters by Hayley Green was an innovative display of lengthy portraits that mutated into abstract gardens, inspired by representations of the feminine during the arts and craft era.

Weirdly human portraits of action figures by Steve Tyler
I was most taken by these weirdly human portraits of action figures by Steve Tyler. His spooky black and white pictures of a salt mine (on his website) are also worth checking out.

More photo collage with brutalist apartment blocks and sky by Joseph Raynor
This photo collage of abstracted brutalist apartment blocks set against a dramatic sky was one of a series re-imagining the built landscape by Joseph Raynor.

Alice Flannery- Disclosure.  Nottingham Trent
Alice Flannery‘s unsettling Disclosure featured life size reproductions of women pressed up against some kind of transparent material. It was a very odd concept designed to pick apart mainstream portrayals of the feminine form, and it certainly caught the eye.

Erzebet Toth- photography with folk embroidery on top
A bunch of daffodils- photography showcased in an embroidery ring by Erzsebet Toth
Erzsebet Toth of UCA Farnham showed as part of a show entitled Folka – which was particularly apt in her case since her work played with ideas of heritage, using traditional folk embroidery on top of photos and showcasing this simple shot of daffodils in an embroidery ring.

More Sunday Girls by Sophie Brocks
Sunday Girls by Sophie Brocks
Sophie Brocks took photographs of Sunday Girls dressed up in their best clothes, some with more precision than others. It turns out that mum dresses them best (rather than a passing photographer), refuting any negative notions about the cleanliness of travellers.

Fast food as addiction- Smoking Chips by Sunkyoung Lee
Unsettling image alert! A series of photos by Sunkyoung Lee explored Fast Food as an Addiction and featured this charming Smoking Chips. Hmm, must get me a pack of those.

Chelsy Vaney's etched landscapes
Chelsy Vaney etched and sliced into her snapshots of landscapes in an effort to more truly represent memories of the moment.

Khadija Saye photos
Khadija Saye took disarmingly simple shots of heads, in a series titled Crowned. With the facial context removed hair takes on a very surreal and inhuman quality.

UCA Farnham students have a nice easy to use website which works as a directory, but sadly some of the photographers above seem to have no presence on it beyond their names. Tut tut.

Graham Carter's Castles of the Architects series- collage of Tudor buildings
At De Montfort University Graham Carter‘s series The Castles of the Architects included this splendid collage of Tudor buildings. It was the third such re-build of familiar architecture that I saw in one morning: I therefore smell a trend.

Read the first part of my week four photography review here, and don’t forget to follow me on instagram if you want an instant peek into my top picks from the graduate shows. Read my first review from the graduate photography shows (week three) here.


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2 Responses to “Free Range Art & Design Show 2013: Week Four Photography Review – Ravensbourne, Nottingham Trent University, UCA Farnham & De Montfort University”

  1. Michael Anthony says:

    Hi there, here is a link to some better quality images if you wish to use them:

    Apologies for our spectrum website and it’s impractical navigation. We had to make it live earlier than project work was finalised in order to kick start promotion. Thank you for your expressed interest by blogging my work, if you require more information about the project or a precis, then please do not hesitate to email. I wish you all the best,


    Michael Anthony.

  2. Amelia says:

    Hi Michael, thanks for heads up! Unfortunately the Free Range website is not one that comes up when you google your name, so not the best place to showcase work if it is the only place. All the best with your career, Amelia x

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