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Havering College: Ba Hons 3D Design Graduate Show 2011 Review

Wonderful work from Havering College 3D Design graduates Sarah-Jane Warner, Laura Mardell and Tessa Doughty. Very happy to have discovered their work by accident on my first trip to this years Free Range Art and Design Show.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Havering 3D design graduate show 2011 Tessa Doughty
Nesting glass bowls by Tessa Doughty.

And so, viagra the 2011 graduates shows begin. My first invite was to the Havering College graduate fashion show just down the road at the Brick House in the Truman Brewery, for sale but I missed the entirety of it due to misinformation on arrival.

Havering graduate fashion show 2011
This was all I saw of the fashion show… the final parade.

Instead I discovered the wonders of the 3D Design department, side effects showing in the space around the corner next to The Big Chill Bar as part of this years Free Range Art and Design Show which has just kicked off with a two month round of graduate showcase exhibitions.

Sarah-Jane Warner is ‘challenging human interaction with physical objects through sight and touch’ with lovely ceramics in slightly varied curvaceous floramantic patterns with coloured interiors. She has also encased a table and the surrounding floor in a woven knit that questions the nature of a our surroundings.
Havering 3D design graduate show 2011-Sarah-Jane Warner Havering 3D design graduate show 2011-Sarah-Jane Warner

Laura Mardell has made small bottles of bloody teeth which question ‘the coexistence of dreams and reality in products’. I have no idea what is meant by these strange phials but they are certainly intriguing. Her website says “Laura has even managed to modify sarcasm into design, which can be described as eclectic.” Definitely zany.
Havering 3D design graduate show 2011-Laura Mardell Havering 3D design graduate show 2011-Laura Mardell Havering 3D design graduate show 2011-Laura Mardell

Tessa Doughty was perhaps the most prolific and inspired of the three that I discovered, aiming to work with ‘the perception and transformation of objects through patterns’ she’d created an ingenious glass coffee table with a sliding top section, some wonderful ceramic and glass egg shaped nesting bowls and a plethora of stackable perspex rings in bright colours.
Havering 3D design graduate show 2011 Tessa DoughtyHavering 3D design graduate show 2011 Tessa DoughtyHavering 3D design graduate show 2011 Tessa Doughty

Now Tessa and her classmates just need to work on their google ranking and get proper websites that make the most of their talent. All three girls have used wix to create very basic sites: am I the only person who really really dislikes wix as a free website platform? It’s clunky and flash driven which means that wix websites are hard to use and hard to find online – both of which are a massive no no for showing professional work.

Instead I recommend looking at any other number of website platforms that are free or low cost and easy to set up – try indexhibit for a very basic and clean looking website that actually works in search engines, Virb for a cheap but easy to build website that looks great or Cargo for a web hosting platform that also offers a large and vibrant online community.

The exhibition finishes tomorrow, Monday 6th June. What a find!


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10 Responses to “Havering College: Ba Hons 3D Design Graduate Show 2011 Review”

  1. love the Tessa Doughty’s stackable bright rings!!!

  2. Amelia says:

    Great aren’t they?

  3. Bud says:

    Really liked Laura’s work

    Amelia is definitely right about Cargo though, much better than wix far more versatile and a much more professional looking platform.


  4. Amelia says:

    Hi Bud, glad you agree with me. if anyone can recommend any other good free web platforms do let us know!

  5. Thanks so much for your comments I will definitely change my website. If you have any other questions or comments I would be happy to hear your feedback. We will also be showing at Havering College Ardleigh Green Road Hornchurch RM112LL From 14th to the 17th June you are welcome to come and have a look.

  6. Amelia says:

    Hi Tessa, thanks for the update and glad to hear you’re gonna update your web platform! Loved your work! Oh, and get onto twitter QUICK.
    all the best A x

  7. Thank you for what you wrote about my work, and I’m glad that you found my work visually and tactilely pleasing. Your comments are a great help and I will look at improving my website and Google ranking. Please keep in touch, and email me if you have any questions or advice. Thanks again.

  8. Amelia says:

    Thankyou for commenting Sarah-Jane. Do keep me informed about your career! A x

  9. Carly says:

    Hi, I am one of the Fashion students who has just graduated from Havering. Sorry you missed our show if you would like any imagery to look through please email me and I will be happy to send through some pics :-) Carly

  10. Amelia says:

    Hi Carly
    I’m sorry but I only report on shows that I have seen! If you do anything in the future make sure you let me know in advance so I can attend. All the best, A x

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