Amelia’s Magazine | Middlesex University: Ba Hons Illustration Graduate Show 2011 Review

Middlesex illustration graduate show 2011-Emma Block garden
Illustration by Emma Block.

I had a quick scout through the Middlesex University Illustration degree show and discovered a few wonderful illustrators, viagra approved two of whom will be well known to Amelia’s Magazine readers…

Middlesex illustration graduate show 2011-Emma Block shelfMiddlesex illustration graduate show 2011-Emma Block etchingsMiddlesex illustration graduate show 2011-Emma Block etchingsMiddlesex illustration graduate show 2011-Emma Block teacups

Emma Block showed off her wonderful collaged and delicately painted designs in muted colours, but sadly there were none of her fabulous brightly coloured fashion illustrations in evidence, many of which you will have seen on these pages and which appear in Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration. By all accounts this was a case of fashion illustration being considered a lesser art by tutors, something which drives me to utter distraction. Why should this be so? Good fashion illustration is like any other kind of illustration – it should tell a story and create a forceful, inspiring or intriguing narrative which makes the onlooker want to know more. Plus it should be beautiful to look at to boot. Why is this different to other types of illustration? Grrrrrrrrrrrrr *wrings hands in despair*…..

Middlesex illustration graduate show 2011-Claire Francis
Collaging is a technique much favoured by some of the other Middlesex illustrators. Fortunately it’s a style which I like a lot, possibly because it’s similar to the way that I have worked over the years, Sara Fanelli having been a big early inspiration for me. Claire Francis (above) does lovely autumnal coloured illustrations that feature squirrels in the woods.

Middlesex illustration graduate show 2011-Samantha GriffithsMiddlesex illustration graduate show 2011-Samantha Griffiths
Samantha Griffiths (above) has a similar collaged style which looks somewhat 70s in her choice of colours. Cute animals and sweet scenarios.

But girls, where are your websites? I’m not getting much when I plug in the addresses you have given on your business cards. Blimey. *rolls eyes*

Middlesex illustration graduate show 2011 Gemma Travis
On a different kind of tip Gemma Travis is somewhat obsessed with chihuahuas and she had created some fun images which made me giggle.

Carousel by Stacie Swift
Carousel illustration by Stacie Swift.

It was also contributor Stacie Swift‘s degree show but for some reason I missed her display. Apologies Stacie, I was racing through in quite a hurry and didn’t know to look for you. Instead I shall leave you with one of Stacie’s colourful images (below) for Amelia’s Magazine, created for a review of Flesh and Blood & Fish and Fowl.


See more of Emma Block’s lovely illustrations for Amelia’s Magazine and find her in Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration, available online here. For those of you who would like to learn more about the importance of a good internet presence for creatives why not come along to my ACOFI Book Tour talk this Tuesday 7th June at Tatty Devine, Brick Lane, facebook event here.

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