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New Designers 2012: Nottingham Trent University and Cambridge College of Art Illustration Graduate Shows Review

Great work from these colleges, where I happened to pick up on two illustrators who had won this year's Penguin Design Award: Tim Parker and Alex Walker.

Written by Amelia Gregory

timparker Orobas3
Orobas by Tim Parker.

Following on from my review of the best graduate illustrators at University College Falmouth and Plymouth College of Art here’s what I discovered at the New Designers 2012 stands from Nottingham Trent University and Cambridge College of Art. At Nottingham Trent University the graduates specialise in both illustration and graphic design so many of their projects focus on the commercial potential of illustration for products and branding which is a rarity at graduate shows and brilliant to see – I wish more colleges would do this because let’s face it, there are only so many children’s books and magazine editorials to go around. These are my faves from a selection of work that was of exceptionally high standard in both fields.

New Designers 2012-Sarah Whiteway
Herb Heads by Sarah Whiteway.

Beth Douglas
Delicious food graphics by Beth Douglas.

New Designers 2012-Daisy Gatehouse
Lovely typography from Daisy Gatehouse

New Designers 2012-John Bell
Bold iconography by John Bell has a child-like joy.

laura hopewell
laura hopewell
Laura Hopewell has a website under the name Scouts Honour, where you can find a wonderful array of artwork created in different media.

alex walker How-flight-works
New Designers 2012-alex walker grimm's
Alex Walker‘s fine vector illustration works well for infographics and on the Grimm’s Fairy Tales cover, for which he won 3rd prize in the Penguin Design Award. Alex describes his design thus: ‘My book cover design is a collection of common fairy-tale motifs and characters arranged in a composition reminiscent of an adventure map. Because the Grimms’ fairy tales are so deeply rooted in European tradition, my illustration references the naive, geometric style of European folk art. To keep the design looking modern and sophisticated, I tried to use only geometric shapes, a limited colour palette and a subtle use of shading. Choosing a geometric blackletter as the title typeface helped to unify this reductive style with the folk art influences.

maddox philpot xray
Maddox Philpot specialises in bright graphic images.

nicola robson stars
nicola robson stars
Nicola Robson‘s cute character illustrations could happily be applied to cards.

New Designers 2012-tim parker
tim parker grimms
At Cambridge School of Art there was strong work from Tim Parker, who puts monsters in human clothing. He won the Penguin Design Award with his cover for Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Of the design guest judge Raymond Briggs said ‘A clear winner – strong design, fierce without being frightening, super lettering and typography, a huge wolf head on the front contrasting with the small child figure on the back. The idea of the tongue becoming a path was ingenious. If you had been told about it in words you might have thought “contrived” but it isn’t, it works perfectly. Ingenious and witty. Triffic!’

Sarah Battista  umbrellamanprints
Sarah Battista illustrated cats and Roald Dahl‘s Umbrella Man.

New Designers 2012-Ines Vilares
Ines Vilares showed these lovely prints inspired by Judith Hermann’s Alice.

New Designers 2012-Emily Barrell
Emily Barrell‘s engaging poster of British birds.

sophie harris
New Designers 2012-Sophie Harris
Endangered species by Sophie Harris come as a collectable set of postcards.

New Designers 2012-Jasmina Harris
Jasmina Harris favours abstracted geometric designs and is also responsible for this fun bowtie design.

Next up, my remaining illustration discoveries


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