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New Designers 2012: University College Falmouth and Plymouth College of Art Illustration Graduate Shows Review

My best graduate finds from two university showcases, including work by Livi Gosling, William Grill, Emily Watkins and Kelly Walton.

Written by Amelia Gregory

livi gosling
Pride and Prejudice by Livi Gosling.

In my final (very delayed) series of round ups from New Designers 2012 I take a look at my illustration finds… starting with the best from two college showcases: University College Falmouth and Plymouth College of Art.

livi gosling umbria festival
livi gosling garden
At Falmouth Livi Gosling has an eye for character in her delightfully delicate narrative editorials.

Caitlin Bently
Caitlin Bently
Caitlin Bently uses delicate fields of pattern to create highly graphic imagery.

New Designers 2012-20120706_faye bradley
Faye Bradley won me over with her painterly depiction of whales.

Sam Brookes
Sam Brookes
Sam Brookes
Pencil portraits by Sam Brookes mutate into gruesome ghouls dripping with grubs and the carcasses of flies: Hieronymus Bosch meets modern comic book art.

William Grill
William Grill
In a predominantly red, blue and gold palette of coloured pencils William Grill creates narrative vignettes bursting with tiny people, boats and buildings. He recently created a wonderful map for Oh Comely magazine.

Rachel Gilbert
Rachel Gilbert uses washes of colour to create wondrous imaginary landscapes.

Emily watkins
New Designers 2012-Emily watkins
Emily watkins
At Plymouth College of Art Emily Watkins was shortlisted for the Penguin Design Award with her candy pop trees for a Grimm’s Fairy Tales cover. I adored her display of otherwise grey wolves and woods, complete with a 3D papercut house.

The signs next to Plymouth students had a nice touch: details of their hoped for destination: eg freelance illustrator… but for some reason left off details of a website. Just plain bizarre: students, we want to find you easily online. Luckily I managed to hunt most of them down.

New Designers 2012-Laura Jayne Weeks
New Designers 2012-Laura Jayne Weeks
Laura Jayne Weeks created some beautiful bears, and included in her display 3D versions of her characters. I knew I recognised her work: turns out she also showed last year.

Eliza Meddings
Eliza Meddings‘ doe eyed girls make decorative images with a sinister edge.

New Designers 2012-Kelly Walton
Kelly Walton
Kelly Walton‘s work featured naughty girls, who go on the hunt for giant strawberries with bows and arrows in this rather fabulous comic strip.

New Designers 2012-Abi Hayward
New Designers 2012-Abi Hayward
And to round off, here are Abi Hayward‘s seals and penguins, beautifully rendered in watercolour. Next up: Nottingham Trent and Cambridge School of Art.


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