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Last week another book plopped into my post box: this time one inspired by the cult of Pinterest, where many creatives share and collect ideas for crafty projects to make at home. Pinterest Perfect! is an interesting beast – taking an online phenomenon and attempting to turn it back into a good old fashioned printed read. So we are introduced to 8 different artists who use Pinterest to promote their business, with each sharing some simple ideas for DIY projects, and ways to kick start creativity. Sidebars explain some basic tips for the best way to use Pinterest to inspire and build your own hobby or business.

Pinterest Perfect review 2014-Marisa Edgehill

Pinterest Perfect review 2014-Molly Jacques

Most of the featured artists are based in America, and seem to share a similar aesthetic, with easy to recreate projects that are most suitable for those new to the world of making. I particularly like Japanese inspired ideas by Marisa Edghill and beautiful typography by Molly Jacques. Also included are two illustrators, including our very own Gemma Correll, who shares her tips for creating self portraits and fun animal drawings: by far my favourite part of the book.

Pinterest Perfect review 2014-Gemma Correll faces

Pinterest Perfect review 2014-Gemma Correll

Does it work? Yes and no. The book is beautifully put together and I like the way that you are encouraged to use the book like a notebook, taking the online into the real world and allowing you to add your own ideas after each project. However, Pinterest itself is an almost endless source of inspiration, and a book can only ever present a tiny fraction of the potential discoveries to be made online. Having said this I find that sometimes you just can’t beat an actual book to get the creative juices flowing, and this is a great volume to peruse if you are of a similar persuasion and fancy discovering some interesting new artists along the way.

Pinterest Perfect review 2014-Gemma Correll cats

Pinterest Perfect! is available from Walter Foster now, priced £12.99

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