Amelia’s Magazine | Royal College of Art MA Degree Show 2011 Review: Ceramics and Glass

RCA MA degree show 2011-Malene Hartmann Rasmussen
Surreal ceramic tableaux by Malene Hartmann Rasmussen. Amazeballs, ambulance truly.

I loved the clear booklet Old Material* New Work** provided by the Royal College of Art Department of Ceramics and Glass. It really does make life so much easier when all the information is in one place, clinic smartly presented…

RCA MA degree show 2011-Katy Jennings
Beautiful bone china plates from Katy Jennings, erectile and ‘knitted’ birds.

RCA MA degree show 2011-Makiko Nakamura's Baronage DeclasseRCA MA degree show 2011-Makiko Nakamura's Baronage Declasse
Loved Makiko Nakamura‘s Baronage Declasse (100 Years After the Party) – baroque styling meets the more surreal elements of pop art in these fun porcelain and lustre decorative objects, where rabbit faces pop out of dripping golden polka dot clocks.

RCA MA degree show 2011-Sarah Wiberley's Cameo SeriesRCA MA degree show 2011-Sarah Wiberley's Cameo Series
Sarah Wiberleys Cameo Series of hand blown glass were just beautiful, in tall vases and squat shapes. She used the traditional motif of a bird flying away.

RCA MA degree show 2011-Louis Thompson
Louis Thompson also showed colourful blown glass back lit against the wall. He is fascinated by repetition, sequencing, collections and medical apparatus. Objects thus become as important in a collective as they do alone.

RCA MA degree show 2011-Sadhbh Isabelle McCormack
Sadhbh Isabelle McCormack created bold statement jewellery from a mix of metals and perplex. Her totemic pieces were designed to combine the skills of craft with computer aided design in a balanced way.

RCA MA degree show 2011-Malene Hartmann RasmussenRCA MA degree show 2011-Malene Hartmann RasmussenRCA MA degree show 2011-Malene Hartmann Rasmussen
Malene Hartmann Rasmussen‘s surreal ceramic tableaux made me gasp in wonderment – her intention is to impose personal emotions and narratives onto container objects that traditionally have no feelings. She wants her work to seem skilled, elaborate and clumsy all at the same time and I’d say that this was achieved admirably. Beautiful and unique.

RCA MA degree show 2011-Chrystalla Achilleos
Chrystalla Achilleos‘ had created a wall installation called Strata: flowing glass forms made the most of the glass blowing process.

RCA MA degree show 2011-Silvia Weidenbach
Silvia Weidenbach created bundles of ceramic jewellery in Made to Treasure and Pleasure.

RCA MA degree show 2011-Helen Moore RCA MA degree show 2011-Helen Moore
Helen Moore ceramics were presented in beautiful graded wall installations. Here hopes to connect ‘the seemingly disparate facets of my own consciousness’… to create an ‘expanded understanding of the emotional and metaphorical capacity of colour within an analytical framework.’

RCA MA degree show 2011-Paul Stopler Paul Stopler Flow
Paul Stopler Flow. Photo by Ester Segarra.

Paul Stopler was standing next to his installation, and he offered me the aforementioned booklet as I admired his enormous cast glass vases up close. Thanking you kindly Paul, your work is stunning. The heavy glass changes subtly according to the light source.

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