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Sorted London Exhibition Review: featuring Jo Cheung, Thomas Leadbetter, Eleanor Bedlow, Lucy Wragg, Sean Burtenshaw and more

A new crop of creative talent are showcasing the best of their new work at the East Gallery on Brick Lane until Thursday 16th June. Why not pop in and take a look? But first a sneak preview of the best art on display.

Written by Amelia Gregory

You and Me by Jo Cheung
You and Me by Jo Cheung.

Sorted is the brainchild of Westminster Illustration graduate Lucy Wragg, side effects whose work first impressed me at the degree show last year. Since then she’s been involved in a plethora of other exhibitions before she decided on Sorted as a way to showcase the work of her contemporaries. The vast majority of the artists showing graduated from the Westminster illustration course in the past few years so there was a nice sense of camaraderie at the private view, which I attended last Thursday. Here’s a small selection of what’s on show.

Jo Cheung Snowy Owl
Jo Cheung Sea
Jo Cheung was responsible for the eye-catching bird that features on the Sorted flyer and her lovely work takes pride of place as you enter East Gallery. I was predicting animals in magical landscapes and I was right on the ball. Her whimsical beasts dwell inside beautiful textured landscapes. She is selling these prints for a bargain £70 and they’d look great on any wall. You can of course also find Jo’s lovely fashion illustration work in my book: Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration.

Synesthesia. Frere Jaques, detail.

Synesthesia. Row Your Boat.

Synesthesia. Londons Burning, detail.

Thomas Leadbetter specialises in information design and he has been in high demand as a graphic designer since he left college. For the Sorted exhibition Thomas decided to focus on something fun, so he chose four ever popular children’s rounds which he then broke down into singing parts, note length and pitch – the idea being to demonstrate how all the parts work together in a better way than traditional notation. ‘You can see where the parts sung by different singers interact and harmonise, and the type (hopefully) begins to show which words are clearer when all four parts are going- for example in London’s Burning, when you listen to it being sung by four different people, you can hear the words ‘Fire Fire’ more clearly than, say ‘fetch the engines’- this is reflected in the image…‘ In the future he hopes to pick apart the choruses of well loved popular pop songs such as the Pet Shop Boys’ Go West and David Bowie’s Changes, all of which use the same series of chords.

Sorted London exhibition 2011 review-Eleanor Bedlow
Eleanor Bedlow studied at the Prince’s Drawing School after her first degree in fine art from Falmouth College of Arts, and it is observational pencil drawing in which she excels. Her imaginary landscapes are incredibly detailed, and for the Sorted exhibition she has also branched out into life drawing with an element of fantasy.

Sorted London exhibition 2011 review-Katie Woodger
Katie Woodger has included a series of bright watercolours inspired by the joyful dressing of the girls that roam Tokyo’s Harajuku district, a bargain at just £20 each. I’d love to see her try her hand at fashion illustration – I’m sure she’d be a natural.

Sorted London exhibition 2011 review-Sean Burtenshaw
Sorted London exhibition 2011 review-Sean Burtenshaw
Sorted London exhibition 2011 review-Sean Burtenshaw
Sorted London exhibition 2011 review-Sean Burtenshaw
Sean Burtenshaw had to drop out of the illustration degree at Kingston University after he had an accident that affected his drawing hand. Since then he has been painting obsessively and has established a thoroughly unique style. For the Sorted exhibition he showcased an amazing series of celebrities, painted from famous photos. These captivating 3D artworks feature real hair (well, hair at any rate) and the Lady Gaga includes an umbrella that juts out of the wall. It just goes to show that some of the most original work comes from those who are determined to make art, regardless of whether they have had any formal training.

Carne Griffiths the-vine
The Vine by Carne Griffiths.

Sorted London exhibition 2011 review-Carne Griffiths
Sorted London exhibition 2011 review-Carne Griffiths
Sorted London exhibition 2011 review-Carne Griffiths
Carne Griffith has another interesting story – having studied illustration at Maidstone College of Art he started designing embroidery for M.Hand and Company where he worked his way up to the role of creative director on projects for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Chanel and Burberry. He recently decided to go back to what he loves, and for Sorted he has created a beautiful series of fountain pen images that showcase his love of floral forms. Some of these are shown to great effect against lighted boxes.

Sorted London exhibition 2011 review-Lucy Wragg
Lucy Wragg has created a series of bold black and white paintings gleaned from moving image stills. In a great publicity trick she actually managed to get The IT Crowd actor Matt Berry along to the private view and has a photo of him standing next to his painting.

Other artists showing at Sorted London include Chetan Kumar and Rosie Smith. The exhibition runs until Thursday 16th June, so why not pop in next time you are on Brick Lane? There’s loads to look at and plenty to buy if you fancy a piece of unique art. Click here for full listing information.

Sorted London exhibition 2011 review-Lucy Wragg
The on it organiser of the Sorted London exhibition, Lucy Wragg.

Katie Woodger at the entrance
Katie Woodger at the entrance.

Sorted London exhibition 2011 review-Thomas Leadbetter and Cruella Ribbons
Thomas Leadbetter with his friend the singer Cruella Ribbons.

Sorted London exhibition 2011-Sean Burtenshaw portrait
Sean Burtenshaw.

Sorted London exhibition 2011-artist portrait
The whole motley Sorted exhibition crew outside East Gallery. Look out for the bird!


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