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Spotlight: Camila Soares

From Brazil to you, a showcase of one of the best new illustrators. Ya heard it first here.

Written by Amica Lane

All images courtesy of Camila Soares

There are a lot of amazing artists coming out of Brazil at the moment, clinic which can be attested to by our previous interview with Rodrigo Souto. My latest favourite to fly out from under the equator is illustrator, tadalafil Camila Soares, site who majored in advertising and then moved onto graphic design before turning to illustration. For which those who have eyes should be grateful for.

The very first thing that popped into my head when visiting her online portfolio was a slack jawed, ‘whoooa’. Probably not the most intellectual response, especially from an Art Editor, but there you have it, and from her illustrations included here, I think you can see why.

I especially love her portrait of Alice Dellal. I love Alice Dellal related things anyway, for way back in 2005 before a meteoric rise to success, I bumped into Alice in an east end bathroom and she randomly told me I was beautiful. I mean, she was probably on pills at the time and it was dark, but I’m a sucker for flattery. It stuck in my ‘compliments’ of fame book. Right next to the dude who played Berko in Empire Records, who will always be number one. Berko! Not so interesting narcissitic anecdotes aside, I love the how the girlish pastel tones contrast with the ‘edgy’ (I hate that word) look of the subject.

‘Skull’ is also amazing; with a hyper realistic quality that rivals Escher. I particularly dig the errant braid of hair. Perhaps a social comment on models being bones with hair?

The photograph above nicely incorporates burning as a material strategy, which again takes fashion illustration out of its fluffy shell and gives it a little backbone. Personally, I love when illustration brings a little grit into the mix. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking Harmony Korine level grit, just something a little harder than the very common ‘tweecentric’ quality of work that I see all the time. Stop with the rainbows, yo.

The watercolour blotches really contribute to Camila’s individual style, which again establishes her as a really fantastic illustrator. She clearly has her own stylistic aesthetic that is reflected in her work. It’s one thing to draw well, but to express your own flair and personality in illustration is very different, and here is a case that exemplifies such a quality.

Camila’s website can be found here


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3 Responses to “Spotlight: Camila Soares”

  1. Genya says:

    Beautiful illustration – very soft and feminine. I love the watercolour blotches.

  2. Fernanda says:

    This artist will be huge!

  3. Abi says:

    These are brilliant – gorgeous and soft but not fluffy at all.

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