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Spotlight: Jasiminne Yip

23 year old illustrator Jasiminne Yip pushes some social boundaries in her portfolio of work

Written by Amica Lane

All images courtesy of Jasiminne Yip

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, more about Malaysia and sprung out of  Central Saint Martins over here, hospital illustrator Jasminne Yip is my find du jour. Her work has been featured in Selfridges and her controversial subject areas reference her social commentary on the subjects at hand.

‘Beneath The Veil’ seeks to reeducate the viewer about Western understandings of Islamic sexuality. According to Yip, site her work expresses the sensuality and openness of Islamic sexuality before the fundamentalist aspect of the religion shaped many of our preconceptions about Islam. With a graphic style that is reminiscent of a graphic novel, Yip launches bravely into the subject area with a candid, insightful and feminine perspective that has been lacking in contemporary art practice.

In her other work, the backbone of sexuality, social commentary and wit is a constant theme. She explores society, and sometimes herself with an open bravery. No subject seems to be off limits, and no area is unexplored. Her photography project ‘Day, Noon and Night’ explores the cultural and identity shift that she experienced as ‘a wide-eyed ingénue fresh-off-the boat to the gutter-whore of Shoreditch’

Following along with the narrative of self examination pertaining to sexuality ‘MEAT’ is conceived as a summer of ‘trophy fucks’, a post feminist introspective on using men for pleasure based only on their looks, then documenting the experiences into illustrations.

What I like most about Jasminne Yip is her openness and her questioning of her environment about her. There is a real bravery to her work that is uncommon, and quite special.

Her website is located here.


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3 Responses to “Spotlight: Jasiminne Yip”

  1. These are incredible illustrations… I particularly like ‘Beneath the Veil’. It’s so simple but very clever.

  2. Noam says:

    This stuff is really special.. & unique, where & when can i buy it?!?

  3. Noam, I’ve just been invited to sell my work at Superette (off Brick Lane) for their illustrator’s jumble sale. May 2. Prints and postcards and posters will be available on that day.

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