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The Other Art Fair April 2015: Review

Fabulous new artists discovered at the Victoria House edition of The Other Art Fair: Jo Beattie, Kate Keara Pelen, Rococo Wonderland Neon Art and Lindsay Mapes.

Written by Amelia Gregory

The Other Art Fair 2015 Lindsay Mapes
A few weekends back I made a flying visit to The Other Art Fair, which was held in the basement of Victoria House in Bloomsbury, a busy and boisterous affair where visitors were encouraged to chat with the artists as they perused the show, drink in hand. Here are a few highlights that will hopefully introduce you to some exciting new artists you have not previously heard about.

The Other Art Fair 2015 jo beattle embroidery
The Other Art Fair 2015 Jo Beattle
Jo Beattie is a textiles artist who is inspired by the memories of people we love and how we associate them with what they wear. ‘Their patterns and colours are embedded into our memory and become inseparable from our image of them. Our patterns and colours determine not only our character and how we want to be perceived by others but also define us in a time, place and culture.Playground is a vast embroidered tapestry of children, suspended like gossamer so that the shadows play against the wall behind. I also liked smaller vignettes that were displayed on shelves alongside work by her artist son.

The Other Art Fair 2015 Kate Keara Pelen 2
The Other Art Fair 2015 Kate Keara Pelen
Another textile artist which caught my eye was Kate Keara Pelen, who creates thickly encrusted abstract needlework hoops, and swathes of mini crochet vases. Definitely an inspiration for the modern craft lover.

The Other Art Fair 2015 Rococo skull
The Other Art Fair 2015 rococo flaws
I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the extravagant designs by Rococo Wonderland Neon Art but underlit skulls and questioning type certainly made for an attention grabbing display as I descended the stairs into the lower hall.

The Other Art Fair 2015 Lindsay Mapes 2
Lindsay Mapes (see also the opening image) is a London based artist who was born in the USA. Her colourful abstracts are inspired by autobiographical memories, conversations and experiences, in particular the way that ideas are erased or obscured.

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