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Time for one final book review before Christmas. Tea and Cake, enjoyed in all their fashionable old style glory have never been more popular – I suppose it’s a retaliation against the generic big bucks corporate American coffee culture that has dominated our lives for the past decade. With the rise of crafting, upcycling and general home made goodness has come a renewed appreciation for a very British cup of tea, with all the accoutrements that brings.

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Vintage Tea Party by the fabulously named Angel Adoree could not come at a better time, offering ‘a complete guide to hosting your perfect tea party‘. It’s a beautifully designed and illustrated (by Adele Mildred) volume from the queen bee of The Vintage Patisserie, which offers to turn tea party dreams into reality. It all has a very personal touch, with an opening intro that explains how Angel (original name Angela) got in touch with her inner tea making glamour puss, and plenty of handwritten typefaces.

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The book takes the reader through every aspect of creating an event that recalls the bygone leisure of former eras, when the art of tea was an important part of the social fabric. What makes Vintage Tea Party different from other cook books is the abundance of ideas that sit alongside recipes for delicious cakes, scones, sandwiches and extravagant teas. In Vintage Tea Party you will also find lots of crafty suggestions, style tips and retro hairdo ideas to accompany a brunch, afternoon or evening event. All of these are modelled by Angel Adoree and her glamourous friends. The personal touch means that the book feels more like a diary, and the emphasis on real life characters makes this kind of fabulous lifestyle seem attainable. Count me in!

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Vintage Tea Party hair
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Vintage Tea Party is published by Mitchell Beazley, part of Octopus Books. If you like the look of this make sure you check out my review of Emma Block‘s Tea and Cake.

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