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Introducing the Closet Swap community from Channel 4: Don’t Shop – Swap!

An exciting new initiative promotes the idea of swapping clothes between friends rather than buying new. Supported by Tatty Devine and Ada Zanditon. Read on...

Written by Amelia Gregory

Closet Swap by Pia Bramley
Closet Swap by Pia Bramley.

Introducing Closet Swap, a new online fashion community site from Channel 4 Education. As part of a wider debate about sustainable and ethical fashion, Closet Swap allows users to share and customise clothes with their friends via Facebook. What I particularly like is the associated iPhone Closet Swap Fashion Finder app which helps users to locate local vintage and charity shops, perfect for a second hand magpie like myself. It’s no surprise that the girls at Tatty Devine support the idea, given that their new book How to Make Jewellery is based on the concept that ‘one girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure‘. Ethical designer Ada Zanditon has also given it the thumbs up, and so do I. Get involved! Here’s the link to the Closet Swap Facebook page.

Channel 4 Closet wap - Amelias Magazine - Janneke de Jong
Channel 4 Closet Swap by Janneke de Jong.

Illustrator Janneke de Jong also runs a very inspiring website called Small Scale Samaritan, where she gives away (beautifully illustrated) clothing that she doesn’t want. It was covered recently in the Guardian too and she is looking for more people to get involved so get in touch with her if you fancy it, either to give away your own clothing or help illustrate donations from others.

Mother's Pearls by Richard Parson
Mother’s Pearls by Richard Parson.

Vintage Clothing Swap by Viktorija Semjonova
Vintage Clothing Swap by Viktorija Semjonova.

Vintage Bag Illustration by Harriet Alice Fox
Vintage Broach Illustration by Harriet Alice Fox
Vintage Shoe Illustration by Harriet Alice Fox
Vintage Finds by Harriet Alice Fox.

Vintage hat by Fay Newman
Vintage perfume bottles by Fay Newman
Vintage hat and perfume bottles by Fay Newman.


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