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Jewellery Week 2013: Jewel East Review

I discovered some great jewellery designers at Jewel East, which takes place at Spitalfields Market between 7-9th June 2013.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Amberwood jewellery by Marta Wlodarska
My first experience of Jewellery Week 2013 was a trip to Jewel East in Spitalfields Market. Here a range of up and coming designers display their wares in a sheltered spot that delineates them from the rest of the bustling market. I was expecting a far larger showcase, but the trip was well worth it for a few really exciting discoveries.

Amberwood jewellery by Marta Wlodarska earrings
Amberwood jewellery by Marta Wlodarska matching pendants
Firstly, Amberwood, the astonishing work of Polish jewellery designer Marta Wlodarska, who had travelled over from Poland specifically to take part in the show. Marta‘s passion for her materials is evident in the way she describes her creations. To find the baltic amber that is the core of her creations she heads down to the beach and sifts through piles of floating driftwood, some of which becomes a part of her earrings and pendants. She also sources beautiful woods from further afield, searching high and low for unusual colours to include in her conical shapes and chequered patterns which are all individually glued and sanded, so that no two pieces are the same.

Amberwood jewellery by Marta Wlodarska ring
Nestled inside bands of wood the strips of amber glow enticingly like lamps, and I found it very hard to decide which big (but very light) earrings I liked best. Marta told me she is super pleased with the response she has so far received on her trip to the UK, so here’s hoping she’ll return as her pieces are not currently available online.

Decadorn stalactite amethyst pendants
Decadorn drusy pendants
Helen Bailey is the brains behind Decadorn, utilising raw gemstones such as druzy quartz and crystal encrusted geodes to create unique pendants encased in luscious layers of gold plate. Her previous career as a buyer for the high street might explain why she was not keen for me to take photos of her beautiful display, but I’m a firm believer that if someone is going to nick your ideas they will find a way to do it, so designer makers should always welcome photographic attention. Anyway, long story short, I couldn’t resist those amethyst stalactites…

Michelle Oh coral ring
For those more keen on delicate jewellery I was taken by a coral inspired collection by Michelle Oh, particularly a bespoke ring featuring an upside down green sapphire. Love those coloured sapphires.

I hope to discover many more exciting jewellery designers over Jewellery Week and at the graduate shows.


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