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Kinder Aggugini: London Fashion Week S/S 2012 Catwalk Review

Milanese fashion designer Kinder Aggugini opened the BFC tent on Saturday 14 September with a girly gingham-fest and a poptastic soundtrack…

Written by Matt Bramford

Kinder Aggugini S/S 2013 by Emma Reynolds

After salivating and sweating at the Sister by Sibling salon show, I headed to the main tent to catch Kinder Aggugini‘s S/S 2013 offering. I was only given a standing ticket, but I don’t mind at this venue. It’s much better than being on the 24th row, stuck behind some berk fashioning ridiculous millinery, so I patiently waited in the standing queue with the rest of the commoners. It suddenly became ridiculous. The overbearing security ‘guard’ on the door operated in a way more suited to a Tiger Tiger in Croydon – shouting at anybody that dare ask him if they were in the right queue. When one girl who had clearly had enough of his bullish manner told him to ‘go and have a w*nk‘ it took all my strength to stifle giggles.

Kinder Aggugini S/S 2013 by Maya Beus

Inside, I was utterly gobsmacked. The venue was, at most, a quarter full. Why on Earth had we been subjected to such a palaver outside? It was like Olympics seatinggate all over again. I perched on the end of the second row only to be moved to the front as the show was about to start. It’s pretty depressing when this happens, considering the physical and financial strain put on new designers only to half fill a venue. And, I was about to discover, it was to be an unmissable show.

All photography by Matt Bramford

Anyway, I quickly got over my blues as the show started, featuring perhaps the best soundtrack I’ve ever heard at fashion week. It began with that song by Gwen Stefani that samples the Sound of Music, launching the first model out, only to be followed by the likes of Destiny’s Child, Rihanna and the Pussycat Dolls. If I’d had a drink I would have been unable to stop myself from leaping on to the catwalk.

Kinder Aggugini S/S 2013 by Emma Reynolds

The first model appeared in a blue gingham shirt, worn underneath a playful Liberty-print-esque pair of dungarees. It was this twee narrative that would continue for most of the show, and I loved it.

A mix of sexier dresses cut above the knee and floral pinafores followed. Gingham merged with a striking map print, while a one-colour Rococo-inspired print featured on sweaters, loose dresses and an oversized cropped-sleeved overcoat.

Oversized paper-bag waists then made an appearance on skirts and trousers with more and more entertaining prints creating a strong and coherent theme throughout. A cropped-sleeve red blazer with large white buttons, feminine dresses and floral playsuits ensure this S/S 2013 outing will appeal to women with very different styles.

Kinder Aggugini S/S 2013 by Maya Beus

The finale featured a rather eccentric octopus dress – a black velvet and peach sheer mix – which I very much enjoyed but it didn’t seem to fit in anywhere. But, who cares? Certainly not me.

All photography by Matt Bramford


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