Amelia’s Magazine | London College of Fashion MA Fashion Show 2014, Womenswear: London Fashion Week Catwalk Review

Mariana Jungmann by Emma Farrarons

Mariana Jungmann by Emma Farrarons.

The London College of Fashion MA show was held in a huge ballroom at the back of the Waldorf Hotel, a fitting location for this highly regarded event. I was late arriving, and managed to squeeze myself in next to the catwalk entrance – not the best place for great photos, but I did my best. Here’s a run down of the hottest new fashion design talent. First up, womenswear.

Barbara Kolasinski AW 2014-heart ruffle

Barbara Kolasinski AW 2014

Barbara Kolasinski AW 2014-purple top

Barbara Kolasinski AW 2014

The show opened with the colourful designs of Barbra Kolasinski, who hand dyes her own textiles in the bath tub. Pale pink and lilac tufts of goats hair were fashioned into huge coats, muffs and handbags, worn with mohair capes and chenille striped lamp skirts. Outsized ruffled tartan heart shirts gave an up-to-date nod to Barbra’s Scottish heritage.

Eun Kyeng Seo AW 2014

Eun Kyeng Seo AW 2014

Eun Kyeng Seo AW 2014

Grunge was an obvious influence in a distressed and heavily layered collection from Eun Kyeng Seo, featuring washed denim, rough exposed seams and plaid.

Mariana Jungmann AW 2014-lace dress

Mariana Jungmann AW 2014

Mariana Jungmann AW 2014-black dress

Brazilian designer Mariana Jungmann showcased her innovative lace making techniques in provocative dresses and a leather laser cut two piece.

Min Kim A/W 2014 by Claire Kearns

Min Kim A/W 2014 by Claire Kearns.

Min Kim AW 2014-leopard

Min Kim AW 2014

Min Kim AW 2014-silver skirt

Min Kim AW 2014-circle dress

Min Kim showcased some innovative circular pattern cutting in a highly wearable collection constructed out of a tantalising combination of metallic leather, mohair and leopard camo print. Think on-trend rounded shoulders, semi circular hemlines and a dramatic dress with a gigantic round wool skirt.

Youjia Jin AW 2014

Youjia Jin created an androgynous silhouette in shades of grey and white, with pleats and ruffles adding an extra dimension to the soft tailoring.

Yuanxi Sun AW 2014

Yuanxi Sun AW 2014

Yuanxi Sun AW 2014

Yuanxi Sun focused on a sporty look inspired by bedtime, with brilliant white elastic cuffed shirts and puffy jackets covered in a bold squared pattern reminiscent of graph paper, all accessorised with laid back baseball caps.

Read my review of the menswear graduates here. All photography by Amelia Gregory.

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