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London Fashion Week S/S 2011: Somerset House Day 1 as a Blogger

It's September 17th 2011, and Satu gives you a sneaky peak at the world of a blogger at London Fashion Week. It's not all about free pastries, but they help.

Written by Satu Fox

The best things about fashion week are, health in order of importance:

1. The shows. Of course, cheap otherwise we wouldn’t be here. I mean, remedy the good ones. Sometimes you want to explain to a designer that just because something can be designed, it doesn’t mean it should be. George Mallory said he wanted to climb Mount Everest “because it’s there” and look what happened to him. I’m pleased to report I’ve liked everything I’ve seen so far though.
2. Free pastries.
3. Looking at people’s crazy crazy outfits. Gorgeous girls are ten a penny at fashion week, so what everyone really wants to see is cone-shaped hairdos, dresses that are basically just a bra sellotaped to climbing apparatus and interesting hats.

The press room is also pretty great. It has benches and foliage:

Cool laptops I’ve seen around Somerset House.

Superior snacks I have seen and eaten:

I did also try to take sneaky pictures of the good-looking men who were providing help in the registration room but I bottled it when one of them looked at me, so I’m afraid you’ll just have to use your imagination.


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