Amelia’s Magazine | Miriam Lehle of Prose Studio: New S/S 2012 Season Presentation Preview and Interview

Prose SS 2012 by Marta Spendowska
Prose SS 2012 by Marta Spendowska.

I was very surprised and pleased to encounter German designer Miriam Lehle of Prose Studio at the stands during London Fashion Week in September. You may remember that I was most entranced by her rose covered A/W 2011 collection (read my interview here) but I was equally stunned by her skeleton influenced collection for S/S 2012.

Prose S/S 2012 Skeleton Lace Top by Farzeen Jabbar
Prose S/S 2012 Skeleton Lace Top by Farzeen Jabbar.

It was lovely to see you at LFW – what was behind your choice to present the new collection in the UK and was it a success?
First of all: I love London. It feels like a second home. But it’s also the home of innovative, internationally renowned young labels. Nowhere else is given so much support to young designers. We had great feedback, met a lot of interesting people and got lots of good press. We will be definitely back next season. It won’t work out without consistency. 

Prose SS 2012 loose_leather_jacket_front
Prose SS 2012 print_dress_print_catsuit_2
Prose SS 2012 skeleton_dress_tight_strapless_front
Prose SS 2012 skeleton_lace_cape_loose_blouse
I love your use of different models in the look book – what inspired this choice and where did you find the models?
I wanted the new collection to be presented by people that have their own special something and are all beautiful because of their individuality. The cast of models is a potpourri: friends, neighbours and additionally we did a street casting. 

Prose S/S 2012 by SarahJayneDraws aka Sarah Jayne Morris
Prose S/S 2012 by SarahJayneDraws aka Sarah Jayne Morris.

The lace pattern has the effect of looking almost like bones and the whole collection has a tribal feel – was this intentional and are you happy with this interpretation?
Many pieces have names such as Skeleton Dress or X-ray shirt. The idea has been to adapt the lace to the body so that the natural shape and construction of the body is emphazised. 

Prose SS 2012 skeleton_lace_top_front
Prose SS 2012 skeleton_lace_top_tight_-baggy_pants_front
Prose SS 2012 skeleton_shirt_dress_front
What inspired the colour palette, which is very neutral apart from a coral pink?
I wanted to focus on the way of using the lace and the combination of heavy and light materials, playing with transparency. I was not interested in using colour this season. 

Prose SS 12 by Farzeen Jabbar
Prose S/S 2012 Skeleton Lace Top by Farzeen Jabbar.

Who do you hope will wear Prose S/S 2012?
The collection movie is the answer to that question. I’m not designing for a type. People can mix and match and adjust the clothes to their individual needs and sytle. 

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

Where can we buy this in the UK?
The collection will be avaialble in New York, Paris and Italy. And online at Miosato.

Prose SS12 by Estelle Morris
Prose S/S 2012 by Estelle Morris.

Will we see you next season, and do you have anything special planned that you can share with us?
Definitely a beautiful new collection and hopefully presented on the catwalk! We are busy on working out the plans for next season. 

Prose SS 2012 x-ray_dress_front
Prose SS 2012 x-ray_top_print_trousers

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